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Biotrickling: TECNIUM BIO-TR

The high efficiency of BIO-TR enables the reconversion of your chemical scrubber installation by removing the reagents consumption and so removing the chemical products storage in your facilities.


Biotrickling TECNIUM BIO-TR



Biotrickling: TECNIUM BIO-TR

The traditional technologies used to remove odours involve a high reagent’s consumption and problems with other compounds. Those technologies also generate effluents as well. 

TECNIUM PROCESS developed a new biologic system that enables a high efficiency in removing those compounds with a  minimal installation and exploitation cost.

Main characterisitcs and advantages:

  • Reduced physical space
  • High efficiency
  • No chemicals consumption
  • Long duration of the packing
  • Energy saving cost, comparing with other systems to remove odours
  • Minimal exploitation costs
  • Clean. It has no generation or additional costs on effluents treatments (they can be introduced in the process of the WWTP)
  • This system can be totally automated
  • Good adaptation of the biomass at the changes of gas concentration to be treated
  • This technology respects the environment

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