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Storage Plastic / FRP Tanks for Chemicals

Tecnium offers all type of plastic tanks to store the usual reagents used in this type of applications (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, aluminium sulfate, etc). Plastic tanks made out ot FRP, PE, PP, PVC, etc.


Reagent Storage FRP Tanks in Water Treatment Plant

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  • Reagent Storage FRP Tanks in Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Reagent Storage FRP Tanks in Odor Control Unit in Waste Water Treatment Plant



Storage Plastic / FRP Tanks for Chemicals

Reagent Storage Tanks Farm.

Water treatment in either potable water treatment plant, municipal wastewater treatment plant or in a desalination plant , aims to treat water so that once processed it is fit for human consumption or is suitable for pouring back to the rivers or to the sea.

There are different types of treatments depending on the origin and use of water, but basically can be summarized as follows:


  • Prefilter for removing foreign bodies in the water
  • Treatment by flocculation or coagulation, process by which solid particles are separated by the addition of different chemicals
  • Decantation, physical process that makes particular settle to the bottom of the equipment designed for this purpose
  • Sand filtration beds
  • Biological filters
  • In the case of potabilization, final disinfection by adding chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite to achieve potable water
  • Reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration in case of desalination
  • Treatment of sludge generated in various stages

Performing the above processes involve the use of different chemicals which are added in the process and allows TECNIUM be present as a supplier within this sector.

Description of plastic tanks for reagent storage.

The need to use chemicals for water treatment makes these facilities to have storage tanks to ensure continuous operation. These products are often corrosive from industrial manufacturing process to its addition to the water process. For this reason these storage tanks must meet certain technical requirements for chemical resistance.

TECNIUM specializes in the manufacture of such plastic tanks, using various materials such as FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester), PP, HDPE, PVC, ...

This set of tanks is referred Reagent Storage Tanks Farm and is vital the selection of materials and the calculation of the thickness needed to ensure its mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as compliance with the specific standards for chemical storage.

TECNIUM is able to manufacture these equipments under such standards. TECNIUM can supply single-walled plastic tanks to install into retention ponds , or double-wall tanks as stipulated by the regulations so that , in case of breakage of the tank, the second wall prevents liquid leakage .

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