RSU / MBT Plants

Within the field of urban waste treatment (MBT plants), Tecnium has become a benchmark for supply turnkey installations of air collection and treatment, with the aim to eliminate odors produced in these plants.

Optimizations are performed to collect the air in the reception, pretreatment, fermentation, refining and maturation areas, including transfers and punctual intakes, with the goal of reducing the total air volume.

For odor treatment, specific technologies are used adapted to the existing pollutatns. We already have more than 20 references with flows of up to 550,000 m3/ h.


  • Open biofilter on a MBT plant for 50.000 m3/h. Eficiency outlet of 1500 OU and 1 mg/m3 of H2S
Odour Control on MBT Plants

    Turn-key odor control systems including designing and suplying of air collection piping network, scrubbing systems and organic or inorganic biofilters.

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  • Removal of H2S from landfill biogas. Flow of 10.000 Nm3/h and average inlet concentration of 8.000 ppm. and outlet of 300/400 ppm. before entering cogeneration engines. Biogas Desulphuration

    Presence of H2S in biogas must be removed before send it to cogeneration engines, in order to avoid corrosion problems.

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  • Lixiviate processing on manure treatment plant. Ammonia removal by stripping in closed circle and further acidic absorption. Lixiviate Stripping

    Lixiviates of such plants are usually polluted with organic or inorganic compounds such as NH3, CO2 or VOC's. These waters must be stripped before disposing them.

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Gas Treatment Technologies

  • Organic Biofilter in a Food Industry for Odor Control Biofiltration: TECNIUM-BIO

    The use of environmental friendly technologies has been the motor of researching lines of last decades. This has allowed us to put up to date systems for gas cleaning and odor control through organic and inorganic biofilters

  • Biotrickling TECNIUM BIO-TR Biotrickling: TECNIUM BIO-TR

    The high efficiency of BIO-TR enables the reconversion of your chemical scrubber installation by removing the reagents consumption and so removing the chemical products storage in your facilities.

  • Absorption 1 Absorption: TECNIUM-CHEM

    Under this technology Tecnium supply multiple systems for gas treatment and odor control based on water or chemical absorption using wet scrubbers, jet venturis and cyclons.

  • Lixiviate processing on manure treatment plant. Ammonia removal by stripping in closed circle and further acidic absorption. Stripping: TECNIUM-DEGAS

    Subterranen waters, pond water, landfill lixiviates, manures, ultrafiltrated waters can contain disolved gases which have to be eliminated before further treatment. TECNIUM has the needed technology to do so.

Modular Plastic Covers in FRP

  • Modular Covers for Thickenners (D=16m) Modular Plastic Covers in FRP

    Wide range of modular covers for thickeners,slurry tanks,screw pumps,biological ponds,decanters, pump pits and desanders.

Plastic Fans

  • Plastic Fans Pulleys and Belts Coupled

    Range of plastic fans corrosion resistant for medium/high pressures.

    Flows up to 120.000 m3/h and pressures up to 7.000 Pa.

  • Plastic Fans Direct Coupled

    Range of corrosion resistant plastic fans for medium/low pressure.

    Flows up to 40.000 m3/h and pressures up to 4.500 Pa.

Other sectors available:

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