Gas Treatment Technologies

Gas Treatment Technologies

  • Organic Biofilter in a Food Industry for Odor Control Biofiltration: TECNIUM-BIO

    The use of environmental friendly technologies has been the motor of researching lines of last decades. This has allowed us to put up to date systems for gas cleaning and odor control through organic and inorganic biofilters

  • Biotrickling TECNIUM BIO-TR Biotrickling: TECNIUM BIO-TR

    The high efficiency of BIO-TR enables the reconversion of your chemical scrubber installation by removing the reagents consumption and so removing the chemical products storage in your facilities.

  • Absorption 1 Absorption: TECNIUM-CHEM

    Under this technology Tecnium supply multiple systems for gas treatment and odor control based on water or chemical absorption using wet scrubbers, jet venturis and cyclons.

  • Lixiviate processing on manure treatment plant. Ammonia removal by stripping in closed circle and further acidic absorption. Stripping: TECNIUM-DEGAS

    Subterranen waters, pond water, landfill lixiviates, manures, ultrafiltrated waters can contain disolved gases which have to be eliminated before further treatment. TECNIUM has the needed technology to do so.

  • Adsorption TECNIUM K Adsorption High Performance :TECNIUM-K

    Gas treatment and odor control by means of high performance media. Includes adsorptions using impregnated activated aluminas combined with various types of activated carbon and zeolites.

  • Adsorption TECNIUM CARB Adsorption Activated Carbon :TECNIUM-CARB

    Gas treatment and odor control using porous filtrating medias. Includes adsorption by means of activated carbons, impregnated and non impregnated, catalitic, water regenerable and thermically activated.

  • Thermal Oxidation TECNIUM RTO Thermal Oxidation: TECNIUM-RTO

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