Plastic Tanks. Modular Plastic Covers | Covers for Desanders, Thickeners, ...


Covers for Desanders, Thickeners, ...

Often one way to improve processes in a WWTP and minimize energy consumption is to cover some part of the plant specially the installation that produces high odor concentrations, which help as well to reduce the total flow of air to be treated in the odor control units thus reducing it size, price and cost of operation.


Modular circular cover with wide bridge

More photos:

  • Modular Covers for Thickenners (D=16m)
  • Flat Modular Covers for Desanders, Sump Pits, Degreasers, ...
  • Modular covers for Screw Pumps
  • Modular covers
  • Modular covers
  • Modular Covers for Biofilter and Inlet Channels
  • Modular Covers Circular with Intermediate Bridge (D=20m)
  • Set of Rectangular (36x60m), Circular (D=36m), Dome and Flat Covers for WWTP
  • Modular Cover type Dome
  • Rectangular and Flat Modular Covers for Chanels
  • Rectangular Modular Covers for Biofilters and Decanters (D=35m)



Covers for Thickeners, Desanders, ...

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